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(Özel) Kav Red (Special Reserve)
A truly special wine, aged exclusively in oak barrels, made from selected grapes of the Marmara and Aegian regions. A full, strong body mellowed in oak, soft and homogenous yet still reflecting the varietal characters of the grapes used.

Antik Red
Aged in oak casks according to best tradition, this special wine is a blend of "Cal Karasi" of the Aegian and "Bogazkere" of Elazig regions. Rich and soft in character, with a distinct bouquet, it is an excellent choice with meat dishes.

Villa Doluca Red
A full bodied red wine, with strong varietal character made from the "Cinsault" and "Karasakiz" grapes grown in the Marmara region. A certain amount of "Bogazkere" from eastern Anatolia is added to make it more rich and robust.

Doluca Red
Dry red wine, produced from the French "Cinsault" and a few other native varieties grown in the region of Marmara and Aegian.

(Özel) Kav White (Special Reserve)
Prepareed from the "Narince" grapes of the Tokat region, this has turned out to be an extraordinary wine, with a very strong varietal character, dry, rich and smooth in taste, nicely mellowed by aging.

Antik White
Prepared from specially selected "Senillon" and "Emir" grapes, of Marmara and Central Anatolian regions, aged in French oak, this is a dry wine of great distinction, with a rich, full body and a most pleasing bouquet.

Villa Doluca White
A light and fruity dry wine, which is a blend of "Sultanina" from the Aegian region and the "Semillon" of Thrace.

Prepared from the "Emir" grapes grown in Central Anatolia, this rich and fruity dry wine possesses a very distinct varietal character. A most easily drinkable wine to go along with all kinds of sea food.

Doluca Riesling
An outstanding wine, made from the famous German variety "Riesling", with a delicate flowery aroma, full and rich flavour. Medium dry.

Moskado Sek
A dry version of "Moskado", with some selected Central Anatolian varieties added to enhance its crispness. An excellent supplement for fowl and poultry dishes.

A delightful, medium dry wine, produced from the "Muscat" grapes of the Aegian region. A very fruity wine with a distinct varietal aroma.

Doluca Domisec
A slightly sweet wine prepared from well matured "Semillon" and "Sultanina" grapes with a perfect balance and fruity flavour.

Doluca White
Dry white wine, made from the French variety "Semillon" and a few other native varieties, grown in the southern shores of Thrace.

Villa Doluca Rosé
A rosé wine of character, made from the French "Grenache" and the native "Karasakiz" varieties, both grown in the northern part of the Aegian region. Fruity and pleasent.

Doluca Rose
A fresh and fruity rose wine, produced from the "Karasakiz" and a few other native varieties grown in the Marmara and Aegian regions. - under construction