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Atina'lı oyun yazarı Aristophanes, edebiyat tarihinde özellikle komedi söz konusu olduğunda en önemliler arasında sayılıyor. Bakın daha o zaman ne demiş:

Quickly bring me a beaker of wine
So that I may wet my brain and say something clever
Aristophanes (M.Ö. 448-385)

One may hide all else... but not these two things... that he is drinking wine, and that he has fallen in love. Both betray him through his eyes and through his words, so that the more he denies, the more they make it plain.
Athenaeus of Naucratis, The Deipnosophists 2.38.B-C

To give wine to youths is like adding fire to a fire already prepared with matchwood. Young adults should take it in moderation. But elderly persons may take as much as they can tolerate. Wine is borne better in a cold country than in a hot one.
Ibn Sina of Afshena[Avicenna], Canon 809


Boys under eighteen shall not taste wine at all; for one should not conduct fire to fire; wine in moderation may be tasted until one is thirty years old, but the young man should abstain entirely from drunkenness and excessive drinking; but when a man is entering upon his fortieth year he, after a feast at the public mess, may summon the other gods and particularly call upon Dionysus to join the old men's holy rite, and their mirth as well, which the god has given to men to lighten their burden-wine, that is, the cure for the crabbedness of old age, whereby we may renew our youth and enjoy forgetfulness of despair.
Plato of Athens, Laws

Late morning sleep, wine at midday, chatting with children, and sitting in the meeting houses of the ignorant drive a man from this world... Eight things are beneficial in small amounts but harmful in excess: bloodletting, business, cohabitation, sleep, warm water, wealth, wine, and work.
Talmud, Aboth de Rabbi Nathan

Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.
Ernest Hemingway

Beer is made by men, wine by God!
Martin Luther




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